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Have you recently purchased a house or townhouse in Melbourne that needs some work to become your dream home (or perfect investment property)? Is your current home in need of some modern upgrades, new flooring, or any other interior changes? You’ve come to the right place. At FANKE Renovation, our extensive experience in Southeast Suburbs residential renovations and remodels means that we know exactly how to make your renovation vision a reality.


Bathroom design naturally encompasses both aesthetics and functionality. Storage is important to every bathroom. Optimizing storage is always top of mind in our designs. Other major changes we consider when renovating bathrooms include; how to make the space flow better, and rearranged fixtures.


Updating the vanity countertops is another vital factor in bathroom renovations. We always consider both durability and style when selecting the materials for your new bathroom countertops. From the stain-resistant, long-lasting beauty of quartz to nonporous solid-surface materials, we’ll find the ideal countertops to match your new bathroom’s aesthetic.


From natural stone to subway to penny tiles, we can install the ideal tile to match your vision. If you’re unsure which route to go, our design experts will help you choose an option that will bring the most out of your space. Our extensive experience in bathroom remodels means we are able to easily accommodate all manner of styles and finishes.


In a bathroom remodel, the vanity is often the focal point of the space and central to a redesign. A well-placed vanity is important to maximize space in a bathroom, improve the traffic pattern, and create a seamless flow. The aesthetic is key as well. Whether your preferred style requires a sleek contemporary look, a retro mid-century modern appearance.

We Do FREE Quotation

We value your preference: you can come to visit our showroom; we can also come to your property; you can even inspect our construction site.


Looking to enhance and modernize the industrial-chic design of your loft kitchen? Whether you have a highly specific theme in mind or need some help to figure out exactly what your aesthetic is, our team has the experience to do it all, and then some.


As the workhorse of any kitchen, appliances are as valuable to the gourmet chef testing out new recipes as they are to big families full of hungry mouths. From energy-saving options to size considerations, our team is on hand to help you choose the appliances that will work best in your new kitchen.


When you imagine your kitchen renovation, the cabinets are usually a top-of-mind consideration. Not only are we highly skilled in the interior design component of choosing cabinets, but we also have the ability to craft fully custom cabinets to take your new kitchen to the next level of renovation.


Durability is always important, but so is style. We are well-versed in all the details of common kitchen countertop materials – marble and quartz, solid surface and soapstone, butcher block for the country kitchen look – and will readily procure the ideal choice for your particular kitchen aesthetic.



How long does it take to remodel a house?

Our exclusive “28+1” model will allow you to enjoy your new home quickly while maintaining quality. 28 means 28 working days to complete the project. 1 means 1 week to test the results.

Do I need to find separate contractors?

NO. FANKE Renovation provides a full service for all your project needs. Also, all of our plumbers and electricians hold Australian-accredited certificates. Their works are under insurance.

Do we need to leave our home?

We recommend not living in a house that is under construction. However, some of our customers do stay at home during the project. We will try our best not to disturb the home’s normal activities.

How do we pay you?

We have divided the whole project into 4 phases. At each stage, you can check and make comments. This way can ease your financial pressure. While making progress and quality visible.

Can you help us with blueprints?

Yes. We have fully staffed architects and structural engineers that will produce a blueprint for you. Also, in collaboration with CASE Studio, we will provide you with a premium interior design service.
Are there any additional costs?
Absolutely no. We will give you an accurate quote before the project starts, and we are happy to work with you if you want to add or subtract items in the meantime.